tl;dr I have uploaded a mod for Proxmox+multibootusb to make Proxmox handle ISO install images.

This article is a brief look at my troubles with getting the Proxmox installer to work with MultiBootUSB, and, a solution that I cooked up to resolve it.

The conventional process of using the Proxmox VE installer ISO is to either burn it to an optical disk (guaranteed to work), or, use a tool like dd in linux to write the ISO image directly to a USB disk, and, hope it works.

I like using USB disks because they are compact, and, have faster reads, which means a faster installation. But, I don’t like the idea of using an entire drive dedicated to just the installer.

So, in comes MultiBootUSB. I use it because it is designed to help with this specific problem, except… nothing is easy.

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Note: This post was published with a date in the past. Feel free to post comments with this context in mind.

This post describes my experience shopping around for my first NAS. Maybe it will help someone looking to get a new NAS themselves.

It is not possible to go into excruciating details of every aspect of the device, but, I have tried to at least gloss over what I believe is important.

The need – A networked media/data server

I have been wanting to set up a home media network ever since I got out of college. The kind where my music, movies, and, TV shows were always available to playback across devices (and rooms). At one point, I had drawn up the layout of this hypothetical network for a colleague who was curious. This was way before consumer-grade Network Attached Storage (NAS) devices became mainstream.

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Hello! Well I am back from a long break to post the second part of this series. I got little, but valuable, feedback on my last post, mostly verbally and on twitter. I encourage you guys to leave feedback in the comments. Any questions are also welcome.

Last time we learnt about percent (%). Today we will learn about pixels (px).

2. Pixel (px)

Type: Absolute

Pixel stands for Picture element. Just as with the percent unit, all CSS properties that accept values of measurement support the pixel unit (this holds true for all CSS units of measurement actually, I won’t be repeating this henceforth).

The pixel is the most important unit in the computer graphics domain. Why? Well there are a couple of reasons, both scientific and human:Continue reading

Hi there! So my readers are here for the promised post on CSS units. I sure am happy and I won’t dissappoint.

Due to the sheer length of the post I decided that I will do this article in a part series. Even then, I have made some assumptions that the reader must know:

  • Defining CSS classes and how to apply them on elements
  • CSS parent-child class hierarchy

For those of you who need to brush-up their CSS skills W3Schools has a good CSS reference section and, of-course, there’s no substitute for self-practice.

If you are aware (or even slightly so) of the above then let’s begin.

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