This post is my way of having a sticky to see how to extract initial RAM disk images.

1. Plain ol’ gzip – initrd.gz

Extracts the contents of the archive to the current directory.

$ gunzip initrd.gz

2. CPIO images – initrd.img

Extracts the contents of the CPIO image to the current directory.

$ cpio -idv -F initrd.img

Note: This post was published with a date in the past. Feel free to post comments with this context in mind.

This post describes my experience shopping around for my first NAS. Maybe it will help someone looking to get a new NAS themselves.

It is not possible to go into excruciating details of every aspect of the device, but, I have tried to at least gloss over what I believe is important.

The need – A networked media/data server

I have been wanting to set up a home media network ever since I got out of college. The kind where my music, movies, and, TV shows were always available to playback across devices (and rooms). At one point, I had drawn up the layout of this hypothetical network for a colleague who was curious. This was way before consumer-grade Network Attached Storage (NAS) devices became mainstream.

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Whoa! Look what I found here. <blows over the dust-covered surface>… <cough>, <cough> <cough> It’s my blog! Hmm… Last post was more than 2 years ago. Gosh! What was I doing all this time? Oh wait, a lot has happened these past few years. I am a married man now. Got married to my sweetheart whom I’ve known for over 4 years. And there’s other big news too.

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Portal 2 game cover

Valve logo

The Valve logo

Half-Life game coverI must say that I am a big fan of Valve games ever since I played Half-Life. I believe, till date, there have been few (if any) game developers who make games as immersive as Valve does. There is a continuous link to each campaign and prequels and sequels fall seamlessly into place. I had bought The Orange Box with the primary intention of playing Half-Life 2. Bundled with it came a new game, Portal, which initially seemed like the additional unwanted games that one usually gets with game bundles. I gleefully ignored it as I set out with my crowbar into the Half-Life 2 world.Continue reading

A beautiful quote to ring in the new year:

A beautiful year is waiting for you.
Walk with aims,
Run with confidence, and
Fly with achievements.

                                   – Anonymous

Wishing everyone a very happy and a prosperous new year 2012!

Alright! So here I am with my own blog, hosted on my own website. It has all started with a bang even with the date et al. First up, I’d like to thank all of you for the appreciation and encouragement that you’ll have given me on my very first post. It has given me new found enthusiasm to publish the best articles I can.

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I had been thinking of creating my own blog for the past two years. The thought’s been hammering me everyday. Every beautiful blog or even just a well written article has always urged me to do this. Today is 11/11/11 (11-Nov-2011, once in a 100 years in short date notation) and I have finally gotten myself to doing it. The time seems just right and I feel ready.

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