That very first post!

I had been thinking of creating my own blog for the past two years. The thought’s been hammering me everyday. Every beautiful blog or even just a well written article has always urged me to do this. Today is 11/11/11 (11-Nov-2011, once in a 100 years in short date notation) and I have finally gotten myself to doing it. The time seems just right and I feel ready.

Ahem! To extend the feeling of the date I even published this article at a similar time. So here’s my first post at “11/11/11 11:11 Indian Standard Time”. That last statement must have given you a hint about my location as well as a bit about my profession. Yes I live in India (I am Indian) and yes I am a techie.

I am an avid web developer and have been developing websites in various technologies. My experiences have taken me through PHP, C#.Net, Python, Django, Objective-C, Java, MySQL, MSSQL, Linux, Apache as well as web related languages like HTML, JS & CSS and of-course people involved in using these technologies. I have been honoured to have made sites and pages for the likes of Discovery® and PBS®.

I love to read interesting articles (especially on tech). There is always the wish to share my thoughts and experiences with the online community and have a platform to get feedback. If and when my blog takes off, I wish to have achieved both a teaching as well as a learning rapport with this Internet audience (yes you are a part of it too).

Since I am a techie, my articles may be more tasteful to the technically inclined, but I wish to balance it out by sharing my life’s teachings along the way as well. I am sure as my articles and followers grow I will be learning much more in life.

On the personal front I consider myself a patient and helpful person, ocassionally helping mum to take the groceries and performing other chores. For me life is something you get once & once only and so I try to take as much from it as I can.

I am Tanzeel R.A. Kazi, and this is my life’s Source Code.