What next?

Alright! So here I am with my own blog, hosted on my own website. It has all started with a bang even with the date et al. First up, I’d like to thank all of you for the appreciation and encouragement that you’ll have given me on my very first post. It has given me new found enthusiasm to publish the best articles I can.

So what’s next? What do I have to share? Well I have got a tech article or two up my sleeves right now but I am thinking that I’ll publish them slowly and steadily. Those of you who know me are already aware how quality matters to me, so even if I am not fast to publish my articles, you can be sure that when they come, they’ll be good.

I’d be publishing my first tech article on CSS units of measurement. It’s something that’s fresh in my mind because of all the training I’ve been giving the people at my workplace. I guarantee it’ll be an interesting read for all those who use CSS.

Today is Children’s Day here in India. I am not sure how many of us are going to be part of the celebration but I’ll say enjoy anyway and stay tuned for my first public tech article.