Hi there! So my readers are here for the promised post on CSS units. I sure am happy and I won’t dissappoint.

Due to the sheer length of the post I decided that I will do this article in a part series. Even then, I have made some assumptions that the reader must know:

  • Defining CSS classes and how to apply them on elements
  • CSS parent-child class hierarchy

For those of you who need to brush-up their CSS skills W3Schools has a good CSS reference section and, of-course, there’s no substitute for self-practice.

If you are aware (or even slightly so) of the above then let’s begin.

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Alright! So here I am with my own blog, hosted on my own website. It has all started with a bang even with the date et al. First up, I’d like to thank all of you for the appreciation and encouragement that you’ll have given me on my very first post. It has given me new found enthusiasm to publish the best articles I can.

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I had been thinking of creating my own blog for the past two years. The thought’s been hammering me everyday. Every beautiful blog or even just a well written article has always urged me to do this. Today is 11/11/11 (11-Nov-2011, once in a 100 years in short date notation) and I have finally gotten myself to doing it. The time seems just right and I feel ready.

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